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Welcome to the Lions of District 1-H

Lion Governor "Chief" Buzz Melton welcomes you to District 1-H in West Central Illinois!

Governor Melton's theme is "Service...Keeps Lions' Magic Alive! Local , District, State, and Around the World, Wherever Lions Serve, Communities Get Better!            
International President Preston's theme is "Strengthen the Pride"!

Lion "Chief" Buzz Melton

Lion "Chief Buzz" Melton joined the Wyoming Lions Club in 2003.  Lion Buzz is a Melvin Jones and an LIF Foundation Fellow.  He was awarded the international President's Leadership Medal in 2008 and the international President's Service Medal in 2011.

Lion Buzz is also known as "Chief Buzz," having retired from the Baltimore City Fire Department in 1995, following 23 years of service.  Lion Buzz is both a chemist and a biologist, hold Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.  He is a former member of the teaching faculties of University of Maryland's Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy, where he taught graduate courses in emergency medicine in the Doctor of Medicine and the Doctor of Pharmacy programs.



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