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District Governor C.B. "Buzz" Melton
1st Vice-District Governor Steve Breckon
2nd Vice-District Governor Judy Tapper
Immediate Past District Governor Tawny Hall
Cabinet Secretary Cheryl Russell
Cabinet Treasurer Dave Pearson
Foundation Trustee Dave Russell
Foundation Trustee Tom Martin, PDG
Region & Zone Chairman    
Region 1, Zone A Chairman Dave Russell
Region 1, Zone B Chairman Ray Parrish
Region 1, Zone C Chairman 1st VDG Steve Breckon/ DG Buzz Melton  
Region 2, Zone A Chairman Kathryn Wyatt
Region 2, Zone B Chairman Jan Entwistle
Region 2, Zone C Chairman Michael Lutz
District 1H Cabinet Chairpersons    
Budget & Audit Committee (Chairman) Dave Pearson
Budget & Audit Committee Buzz Melton, DG
Budget & Audit Committee Steve Breckon, 2nd VDG
Budget & Audit Committee Judy Tapper, PDG
Budget & Audit Committee John Allsworth, PCC
Budget & Audit Committee Terry Knollenberg, PCC
Budget & Audit Committee Jim Entwistle, PDG
Budget & Audit Committee Tawny Hall, IPDG
Campaign Liaison John Allsworth, PCC
Chaplain Vacancy  
Constitution & By-laws Tawny Hall, IPDG
Convention, District Tawny Hall, IPDG
Convention, State Vacancy  
District Donut Booth/ Finance & Registration Terry Masters
District Donut Booth/ Operations Francis "Snap" Hornung
District Governor's Service Award Buzz Melton
District Newsletter Editor Charles Meyer, PDG (1-H)
Fund Raising Programs Dave Pearson
Global Leadership Team Judy Tapper, PDG
Global Membership Team Terry Knollenberg, PCC
Guiding Lions Vacancy  
Hospitality Room- District & State Vacancy  
Information Technology/Web Page/Social Media Myron Lang
Information Technology Specialist Tony Holland
Leos & Youth Activities Vacant  
Lions ALERT Program Leon Martin
Lions Clubs International Foundation Al Henning
Lions Eye Help Program (LEHP) Vacant  
Lions MD-1 Forum Judy Tapper, PDG
Lions Quest Program Steve Breckon
Long Range Planning Committee Terry Knollenberg, PCC
LRPC Members Tawny Hall
LRPC Members Judy Tapper
LRPC Members Buzz Melton
LRPC Members Steve Breckon
LRPC Members Dave Pearson
Parliamentarian Dave Pearson
Peace Poster Contest Vacancy  
Sergeant-At-Arms Snap Hornung
Sergeant-At-Arms Sue Hornung
State Magazine & Public Relations Doug Hampton
USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum Steve Breckon, 1st  VDG
District 1-H Convention Committee    
Chairperson Tawny Hall, IPDG
Certification Cheryl Russell
Convention Finance Dave Pearson
Convention Program & Ad Book Jane Martin, PDG
Elections John Allsworth, PCC
Hospitality Room Vacancy  
Registration Buzz Melton, DG
Sergeant-At-Arms Snap Hornung
Sergeant-At-Arms Sue Hornung
LIF 1-H Coordinators    
Ambassador of Goodwill Jane Martin, PDG
Camp Lions Dick Sellers, PDG
Diabetes Awareness / Organ Donor Dave Russell
Eye Glass / Hearing Aid Collection & Recycling Coordinator Francis "Snap" Hornung SNAPPER
Hearing Screening / Deaf Activities Joe Hendel, PDG
Memorial & Endowments Ben Dodge, PDG
Sight & Sound Sweepstakes Dick Ronna, PDG
Vision Screening Richard "Rich" Gordon
Birdies for Charity Co-Coordinator Rodney Parrish


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